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  • *Recent Images

    Most recent images taken within the past two years. Locations of recent images are California, New York, Texas, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • After Dark

    Photography after the sun goes down and before it rises presents quite a challenge to the photographer. However, when the light and colors are captured just right, the results can be quite stunning and rewarding.

  • City and Townscapes

    Cities and towns are man-made landscapes. In my photographs, I treat them as the products of culture: the reflections of how a society interprets its own inhabitation on the land. The varied forms of the cities and towns included in this category are a testament to the diversity of human culture.

  • Color and Concepts

    Marketplaces endlessly spark my photographic imagination. They offer repetitions, reflections, patterns, and shapes that are nowhere else to be found. This category includes not only images of market stalls, but all sorts of studies of geometry, pattern, and symmetry.

  • Folks

    In my early career, I worked with the Department of Defense Schools in Japan and Europe. The camera became my means for exploring the peoples, culture, habits, and festivals of the places I lived and visited. This category is about human experience.

  • Landscapes

    The natural landscape is my mainstay. Whether countryside, canyons, or mountains, the larger landscape is my most enduring memory of a place, and what I most wish to evoke with my photography. This category encompasses the great variety of landscapes I have had the pleasure of exploring.

  • Light and Spirit

    Photography is fundamentally the capture of light on film. The subject of many of the images in this category is the spiritual quality of light itself. The category also includes reflections on human spirituality: religious structures, symbols, and gravesites.

  • Nature

    The wildflowers of central Texas, where I now live, are an elusive photographic subject which never ceases to draw me in. This category includes my attempts to capture flowers, both individually and in the environments where they grow. It also includes other studies and details of nature, including animals, foliage, fruits and vegetables, gardens, and the forest.

  • Reflections

    Refelctions are distortions. Shapes and color reflected in water, glass, or ice give the viewer a double take - a different angle on the subject - which is at once apparently the same and also subtly different.

  • Sand, Rock, and Stones

    Landscapes at their most bizarre are invariably shaped by the effects of wind and water, by the slow and unpredictable erosion of stone. To me, nothing speaks more clearly the vastness and passing of time like the strange formations of, say, the desert southwest, Arches National Park, or Cappadocia. This category includes rock formations, beaches, and dunes from around the world.

  • Structures

    I've always been interested in how buildings and their landscapes coalesce, and how buildings reorganize the landscape. And when I've photographed buildings, I've generally tried to capture the interplay of the building and its environment rather that the building as an artifact. In this category I've assembled bridges, castles, houses, statues, windmills, and even vehicles.

  • Underground

    Miracles happen underground, where mineral-rich waters coupled with the pressures of the earth make for extraordinary spaces and formations. This category includes caves and slot canyons, but you may find a picture or two of a subway, as well.

  • Water, Ice, and Snow

    Little need be said about the power and fascination of water as a photographic subject. This category includes coastlines, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, ice and snow, and, of course, waterfalls.

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